Since the beginning of the program in 2008, we have attracted 160 fellows, most of whom (79%) continue to work in education also after the two-year program. Our alumni are teachers, school principals, policymaker, social entrepreneurs and professionals working both in public and private sectors. All committed to bringing quality education to all children across Latvia. We asked some of them to share their experiences with us so that you could get to know us better hopefully get inspired by their amazing stories!  


Meet our alumna, english teacher Imanta Nīgale! 

Imanta in her classroom. Photo:

Imanta in her classroom. Photo:

I grew up in the United States and finished my bachelor's degree at the University of Pittsburgh with a major in French language and culture, a minor in Music and certificates in Russian and Eastern European studies, as well as European Union studies. My interests were very diverse and having a personal connection to Latvia, because my grandparents were born there, I always felt a longing to understand more about the history and culture of this Baltic nation.

I was studying for my master's degree in Finland through the University of Latvia, when I found the inspiration for my thesis topic: comparing the collective memory of education systems in Latvia and Finland. This topic inspired me to continue to work in the education sector after finishing my studies, as a teacher in the program Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible) and now in the private sector at an edtech startup called Edurio. Iespējamā misija gave me the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the education sector as it was on the ground in Latvia.

It was an incredible experience to reflect on the education I had received in the United States, be able to share in my life experiences with others and to learn about how others view the role of education in a society. Throughout the the two years of intense training and teaching within the program, I always felt a strong support system around me, be it by my fellow cohort members, my curators, or the program directors and guest lecturers. This sense of community and support is a core element of the program and shows how much stronger we are as a collective.

Iespējamā misija creates around it a community of intelligent, goal-oriented people who are dedicated to making a difference in their schools, in their nation and in the education sector overall. They are constantly getting involved in a range of initiatives to uphold the value of continuous learning and sharing in experience, many becoming representatives of quality education beyond the scope of the program. I am proud that this program exists in Latvia and has become such a guiding force in the education system in Latvia. It is a beacon of hope that positive thinking can make a difference and that by working together, anything is possible!


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