Since the beginning of the program in 2008, we have attracted 160 fellows, most of whom (79%) continue to work in education also after the two-year program. Our alumni are teachers, school principals, policymaker, social entrepreneurs and professionals working both in public and private sectors. All committed to bringing quality education to all children across Latvia. We asked some of them to share their experiences with us so that you could get to know us better hopefully get inspired by their amazing stories!  


Meet our participant, history teacher Ilze Vaivode! 

Ilze Vaivode with her student 

Ilze Vaivode with her student 

Once I had graduated from university in London with an MSc, a part of me felt unstoppable. That part decided to move to New York. Nonetheless, there was a more significant part in me that desperately wanted to return to Latvia, but it felt very uncertain about my future prospects there. After all, people were leaving Latvia, and almost none of them were coming back.    

In 2016, I relocated to Latvia and soon after I joined Mission Possible. Even when abroad I had heard about the valuable work that this leadership and teacher excellence training program does, bringing internationally competitive teachers and education to students in Latvia. Moreover, it equips all of its participants with the tools necessary to become leaders in the classroom and outside it. Such professionals are much needed in Latvia, a country continuing to build strong democracy at home and a respected position abroad.  

Mission Possible was a chance for me to return to Latvia, to do meaningful and impactful work, and to find purpose when I felt a little lost. With its challenging training and leadership development, Mission Possible allows young, talented individuals in Latvia to prove themselves in a demanding yet rewarding work environment. Perhaps more importantly, it also supports these driven individuals to pass on their knowledge and skill to pupils, thus growing a globally ready, courageous and capable generation.   


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